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The power to become embodiment of the Autumn. Variation of Season Embodiment and Autumn Manipulation. Opposite to Spring Embodiment.

Also Called

  • Autumn Incarnate
  • The Autumn


The user embodies and personifies Autumn, which allows them limitless control over the season and everything connected to it. The User has divine authority over the falling of leaves, cool breezes, and gentle, pouring rain.



Known Users


  • Demeter/Cerelia (Greco-Roman Mythology)

Role-Playing Game

  • The Borderless Baron (Changeling: The Lost)

Video Games

  • Shizuha Aki (Touhou); Goddess of Turning Leaves
  • Minoriko Aki (Touhou); Goddess of Harvest
  • Demeter (Valkyrie Crusade)


  • Minister of Autumn/Redleaf (Disney Fairies)


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