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The ability to self amputate, or sever one or more appendages. Variation of Anatomical Liberation.

Also Called

  • Defensive Amputation
  • Reptilian Regeneration
  • Self-Severing
  • Willful Amputation


The user can self amputate, or sever one or more appendages (limb, finger, leg, tail, etc.), usually used as a self-defense mechanism in order to escape an opponent or predator's grasp. The missing body parts regeneration can vary from a few minutes, to a few days, possibly even longer depending on the circumstances, after self-severing.



  • Body parts do not grow back automatically.
  • Will not help the user offensively.
  • May feel pain while using autonomy.
  • May not be able to regenerate anything other than limbs/tails (if the head were removed, the user may very well die.)
  • Limb may grow back differently than before.

Known Users

  • Spinnetods (Grimm)
  • Anole (X-Men)
  • Daisy (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
  • Hsi Wu (Jackie Chan Adventures)


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