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The ability to defend automatically. Opposite of Automatic Attack.

Also Called

  • Auto Defense


The user can defend against attacks without their will of defending, as in that it is automatic and without the users control. This defensive performance can be triggered just like Automatic Attack, but instead the user goes on defense, and that grants protection to whatever. If the automatic defense protects the user, if not anything else, then users can automatically gain counters, evasions, and even create shields on themselves for protection of strikes.




  • Because this power is automatic, it goes off whenever the user is attacked, whether or not the user wants it to.

Known Users

  • Gaara (Naruto)
  • Giorno Giovanna (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 5: Vento Aureo); via stand Gold Experience Requiem
  • Weather Report (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 6: Stone Ocean); via stand Weather Report
  • Magent Magent (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 7: Steel Ball Run); via stand 20th Century Boy

Known Objects

  • Exile (Last Exile)

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