The power to create an attraction field. Sub-power of Attraction & Repulsion. Variation of Effect Field Projection. Opposite to Repulsion Field.

Also Called

  • Pulling Field
  • Riptide Force (Kaiju Combat)


The user can create a field that draws in any objects within the surrounding area towards oneself.



  • The targets may be able to resist this power if they use powers to go the other direction.

Known Users

  • Skylanders (Skylanders); via Pull Magic
  • Moratitan (Kaiju Combat)
  • The Mess (DC Comics)
  • Jedi/Sith (Star Wars); via the Force
  • Ore (ID-0)
  • Magnet Man (Mega Man)
  • Rosalina (Super Smash Bros. 4); via Gravitational Pull
  • Pokemon who can use "Magnet Pull" (Pokemon)