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The power to materialize apparitions. Sub-power of Phantasm Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Ghost Materialization
  • Phantom Materialization
  • Specter Materialization
  • Spirit Materialization
  • Wraith Materialization


The user can bring spirits or apparitions into the physical realm to do their bidding. Possibly, including full bodied spirits or limbs to use as attacks.



  • The user is subjected to the aid of the apparitions, whether or not they will come.

Known Users

  • Sajin Komamura (Bleach)
  • Death (Darksiders)
  • Tayuya (Naruto)
  • Narud (Starcraft 2)
  • Zelda (Super Smash Bros. 4)
  • Orkz (Warhammer)


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