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The ability to conjure an energy that can annihilate all other forms of energy. Sub-power of Destruction.

Also Called

  • Sui Generis Manipulation


User can conjure an energy capable of totally annihilating everything under the definition of energy. The transformation and manipulation of the energy conjured lies only on the will of the conjurer.


  • Anti-Energy Constructs
  • Energy Erasure
  • Eliminate all other forms of energy ranging from sound to soul.
  • The conjured energy will always be unique from person to person like a finger print.
  • Only the conjurer has the ability to manipulate, transform, absorb, and utilize the energy.





  • This power requires a high level of concentration and stamina because the energy easily dissipates.
  • Requires extreme caution as it can kill anyone on contact — includes the user of this ability.
  • Energy easily dissipates in nanoseconds because of all the energy in the universe.

Known Users

  • The Rot (Marvel)
  • Space Amoeba (Star Trek)

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