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The power to call upon the forces of nature through magic. Type of Magic. Magical variation of Nature Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Nature Magic


The user can use magic to call upon the physical, psychic and spiritual forces of nature. This is mainly used for offensive purposes but can be used for defensive ones as well.

The Forces:

Physical: The forces of the physical plane. Mainly consists of the elements including the celestial elements Aether and Nether. Easiest to use and depending on the spell, uses the least amount of mana/energy.

Psychic: The forces of the mental plane. Must be extremely careful using this force as overexertion and/or misuse can cause death or insanity due to the fact these forces come from the user's own mental energy/psyche. As a result this uses more energy. However the user can siphon the mental energies of others but this is extremely dangerous for the user and victim.

Spiritual: The forces of the astral plane. With this plane you can mimic the abilities of the other planes, summon ghosts and deities, fire blasts of pure astral energy and become a spirit. But be warned, this uses the most mana/energy and overexertion will definitely cause death because the user's soul is tied to this plane. Plus, it's not the best idea to anger or offend the spirit/deity you summon. It won't end well for the user.


Physical Forces: Chi Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Nature Manipulation

Psychic Forces:

Spiritual Forces:



  • Some forces cannot be controlled, even if summoned.
  • Misuse or overexertion of powers will tire the user and/or have spells backfire and spiral out of control.
  • Too much overexertion can cause death.
  • Angering the summoned entities may cause problems for the summoner.

Known Users

  • Wizards/Evoker (D&D/AD&D)
  • Pagans (Thief series)

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