The power to turn others into Amphibians. Variation of Animal Transmutation. Not to be confused with Animal Morphing.

Also called

  • Amphibians Transmogrification


Users can turn others into any into amphibians (including toads, frogs, caecilians, and salamanders) they desire, effects can be permanent or temporary depending on what level of power the user is. The user can reverse the effect if they so choose to.



  • May not be able to turn the victim back to normal.
  • Has no control over transformed beings.
  • Restoration can undo the transmutation.

Known Users

  • Principal Torres (Every Witch Way)
  • Magic Users (Harry Potter); via Human to toad Spell
  • Turning into a Frog Technique users (Naruto)
  • Joy Lefrog (Regal Academy ); via Wand Frog Magic
  • Dr. Facilier (Princess and the Frog)
  • Miranda Kane (Shadow Falls)
  • Warlocks/Witches/Wizards (Folklore/Various Franchises); via Spell Casting and Magic
  • Black Orchid (Killer Instinct)