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The ability to summon another version of yourself from another dimension. ​Sub-power of Dimensional Summoning.

Also CalledEdit

  • Dimensional Back-Up
  • Dimensional Replication


The user has the power to tap into its genetic signature across other dimensions, bending reality in order to transport those who share the same bio-patterns into ones home-reality.




  • Some versions might be rebellious or even downright evil.
  • Needs cohesion and teamwork. Might as well summon a version that has leadership skills.
  • Needs mastery of the power in order to distinguish other versions through the entirety of the multiverse.

Known UsersEdit


  • Cassandra Webb/Madame Web (Marvel Comics)


  • Ninja Turtles (Turtles Forever)
  • Various characters (Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension); via Other-Dimension-Inator
  • Various characters (My Little Pony Equestria Girls); via Crystal Mirror


  • Funny Valentine (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure); via D4C
  • Lillianne von Phoenix (Princess Resurrection)
  • Laine (UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie)

TV Series

  • Tsukasa Kadoya (Kamen Rider Decade)
  • Red Ranger (Power Rangers)
  • Worf (Star Trek: TNG)


  • Eon (Ben 10 series)
  • Clockwork (Danny Phantom)
  • Batman (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)
  • Spider-man (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Video Games

  • Elder God Demonbane (Demonbane)
  • Main Protagonists, Party Members and most Antagonists (Persona series)
  • Shiori Kujou (Kajiri Kamui Kagura)
  • Various characters (Sonic the Hedgehog); only their classic self
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Miles "Tails" Prower
    • Doctor Eggman
  • Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou Project)


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