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Ability to make others lose hair. Sub-power of Hair Manipulation and opposite of Hair Generation.

Also Called

  • Alopecia Inducement
  • Baldness Projection/Inducement


The user can induce baldness on their opponents in a way that could serve as a diversion or a distraction in serious situations. Most effective against opponents who use their hair for offensive purposes.



  • The effects can be temporary and the victim's hair could grow back as long as the opponent has time to recuperate and regain their desired hair quantity. The time range could span from a couple of days to many months.
  • If the user's opponent is already scarce on hair (i.e. bald headed), the opponent will be immune to the power's effects, rendering it useless.

Known Users

  • Jodi (Misfits)
  • Rochelle Zimmerman (The Craft Film)

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