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The ability to fuse the infinity force with anything. A sub-power of Meta Power Manipulation, variation of Infusion

Also Called

  • Almighty Force Infusion
  • Infinite Force Generation
  • Ininity Inducement
  • Transcendence Inducement


The user can infuse anything (powers, sentient beings, objects etc.) with the force that makes omni powers infinitely powerful. This can remove limits and amplify the effects or condition of the receiver on a nigh-omnipotent scale.

If used on weapons, it can cause the weapon to break through or slice through other dimensions and never break or lose sharpness. When used on an object such as a rock, it would become immovable and unbreakable.



Known Users

  • Livlaster Entity (Captain Earth); presumably
  • Blaze (Mortal Kombat); via Essence of Blaze
  • Bladedancer (Whateley Academy); as Handmaiden of the Tao

Known Objects

  • Fully-Evolved Livlasters (Captain Earth)

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