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The power to use the abilities of Ala. Variation of Spirit Physiology and Demon Physiology.

Also CalledEdit

  • Ala/Hala Form
  • Ala/Hala Mimicry
  • Hala Physiology


User with this ability either is or can transform into an Ala (Hala; plural: Ale, Hali), a female spirit or supernatural being in Slavic Mythology, a demon of bad weather whose main purpose is to lead storms and hail-producing thunderclouds in the direction of fields, vineyards, or orchards to destroy the crops, or loot and take them away.

Extremely voracious, ale particularly like to eat children, though their gluttony is not limited to Earth. It is believed they sometimes try devouring the Sun or the Moon, causing eclipses, and that it would mean the end of the world should they succeed. When people encounter an ala, their mental or physical health, or even their lives, are in peril; however, her favor can be gained by approaching her with respect and trust. Being in a good relationship with an ala is very beneficial, because she makes her favorites rich and saves their lives in times of trouble.

The appearance of an ala is diversely and often vaguely described in folklore, ala may look like a black wind, a gigantic creature of indistinct form, a huge-mouthed, humanlike, or snakelike monster, a female dragon, or a raven. An ala may also assume various human or animal shapes, and can even possess a person's body. They live in the clouds, or in lakes, springs, hidden remote places, forests, inhospitable mountains, caves, or gigantic trees.




  • Only females can be Ala
  • Ale are the sworn enemies of Dragons, Eagles and certain men (including the half-dragon Zmajeviti, dragon-spirited Zduhać and certain saints, such as St. Elijah, and St. Sava)

Known UsersEdit

  • Ala (Slavic Mythology/Folklore)

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