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The ability to manipulate the oscillation waves of air. Combination of Air and Sound Manipulation. Sub-power of Wave Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Sonic Wind Manipulation


The user can control the ratio between air pressure and sound waves, causing air molecules to vibrate at proportional magnitude of the ratio. This allows the user to create and control supersonic air currents. It also allows the user to transmit and control sound within the atmosphere.

By increasing the air ratio to 100% (and reducing sound to 0%) one can fire off highly condensed blunt blasts of air capable of shattering rocks and deflecting weapons. Reversely, by increasing the sound ratio to 100%, the user can generate ultrasonic waves that cannot be heard by an average person. At sufficient levels, the airwaves produces a blast overpressure, or high-energy-impulse noise, which is the sharp instantaneous rise in ambient atmospheric pressure, enough to cause critical or even lethal effects.

Since the air acts as a medium for the sound vibrations, the user does not need to worry about having no medium for the airwaves to travel through. Due to the vibrations being capable of traveling from one medium to another, the airwaves cannot be blocked easily. What normally blocks sonic waves and vibrations may be shattered by the high-pressurized air currents, allowing the vibrations to continue towards the target, increasing the range and lethality of the ability, while conversely what blocks the air currents is shattered by the sonic vibrations.

In essence, this ability creates atmospheric air pressure to allow sound waves to travel through, overcoming the weakness of vacuum, while increasing in strength and versatility by adding air pressure into the sound waves.



Known Users




  • Zeus (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)


Similar Situations

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