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The power to use air/wind-related magic. Variation of Air Manipulation and Elemental Magic.

Also Called

  • Wind Magic


The user is able perform a legendary form of magic that allows the user to cast magical spells feats through wind and air.



Known Users

  • Rachel Alucard (BlazBlue)
  • Ouma Kurogane (Chivalry of a Failed Knight)
  • Users of Air/Wind Magic (Fairy Tail)
  • Users of Air Magic (The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel)
    • The Witch of Endor
    • Virginia Dare
    • Josh and Sophie Newman
  • Aira (Lego: Elves)
  • Warnado (Skylanders)
  • Tuka Luna Marceau (Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There!)
  • Sylph Summon Spirit (Tales of Symphonia)
  • Air-using Moroi (Vampire Academy/Bloodlines)
    • Ray Sarcozy
    • Lee Donahue
    • Mr. Meisner/Mr. Nagy
  • Travis Beast (Regal Academy) via wand called Fury Magic
  • Beast Family (Regal Academy)