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Air Aversion Inducement

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Air Aversion Inducement

Power/Ability to:

Make others weaker when around, in or near air

The power to make others become weaker when near or in close contact with the element force of air. Sub-power of Air Manipulation, variation of Elemental Aversion Inducement.

Also Called

  • Aerokinetic Aversion Inducement
  • Sky Aversion Inducement
  • Air-Phobia Inducement


The user can make others become weaker (stripping their powers, energy and even life force)  whenever near or in close contact with the elemental force of air. It is either induced, created, generated, manipulated and produced.


  • Power Negation - negate and deactivate the powers of the others through the element air
  • Weakness Inducement - induce hidden or known weaknesses to others whose weakness is the element air
  • Limitation Inducement - using any powers of element air, the limitation of the one who is weak with is going to be exposed and will become an advantage to the user of this power
  • Air Manipulation - controlling the movement of any source of heat/hotness/warmness to gain an advantage on an opponent
  • Air Aura
  • Air Generation
  • Air Mimicry



  • User might have to use the already existing air.
  • May not be able to empower the user but only de-power the victims.

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