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"You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun."
― Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The power to gain strength from something, or when a certain event occurs. Combination of Power Augmentation and Enhanced Condition. Opposite to Aversion.

Also Called

  • Augmentation
  • Empowerment
  • Power-Up


Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come in contact with a certain object, event, or emotion, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers (E.g.: those with Water Affinity may be able to unlock Water Manipulation when they are in a large body of water). Some users may be able draw sustenance from their affinity or even slow or stop aging.


Major Affinities




  • May be limited on the amount of strength you gain.
  • May overload from absorbing too much.
  • May be weakened by the opposing affinity.
  • Loss of power without the affinity around or from going without contact with the affinity for an extended period.
  • May not be able to choose which Affinity you have.
    • May be limited to one affinity only.
  • Constant use of Affinity may increase dependency.

Known Users

  • The Charmed Ones (Charmed); stronger together, and when emotional
  • Cupids (Charmed); when around love
  • The Chance Harbor Circle (The Secret Circle); stronger together
  • Dragon Slayers (Fairy Tail); via specific element
  • Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson & the Olympians); becomes stronger in water
  • Samuel Sullivan (Heroes); becomes stronger with more evolved humans around
  • Jonas Graymalkin (Marvel); gains superhuman strength and endurance while in the dark
  • Moon Knight (Marvel); becomes stronger depending on the phases of the moon
  • The Hulk (Marvel); grows stronger whenever he becomes angry
  • Hydro-Man (Marvel); becomes stronger near water
  • Sand-Man (Marvel); becomes stronger near sand
  • The Bahrag (Bionicle); Twin queens of the Bohrok swarms would grow more powerful when close to each other
  • Lantern Corps (DC Comics)
  • Aquaman (DC Comics); becomes stronger in water
  • Uncle Sam (DC Comics); gains superhuman strength, speed, and size depending on the American people's beliefs in the ideals of America
  • All Kryptonians under a Yellow Sun (DC Comics)
  • Kili (Double Arts); becomes stronger when touching someone
  • Ginei Morioka (Rosario + Vampire); becomes stronger & faster when the moon is out
  • Blackmore (Steel Ball Run); can use his Stand, Catch The Rainbow, only while its raining
  • Talim (Soul Calibur); jumps higher-up on her stages, most likely to be Wind affinity
  • Waterbenders (Avatar: The Last Airbender); grow stronger during a full moon and lose their powers during a lunar eclipse
  • Firebenders (Avatar: The Last Airbender); grow stronger when Sozin's comet passes, or when it is daytime, and lose their powers during a solar eclipse
  • Ares/Mars (Greco-Roman Mythology); becomes stronger when in conflict
  • All dinosaurs (Dinosaur King)
  • Jackie Estacado (The Darkness); becomes stronger when in the shadows
  • Desire (Danny Phantom); gains strength from those she has granted wishes for
  • Cole MacGrath (inFamous); is able to draw power from electrical appliances and storms
  • Van Kliess (Generator Rex); strongest when in the radius of the Nanite Explosion area
  • Ethan Wate (Caster Chronicles); his love for Lena makes him resistant to magic powers
  • Kahoko Hino (La Corda d'Oro); passion for music
  • Guardian Characters (Shugo Chara); help their masters access their inner strengths
  • Yu Narukami (Persona 4); Bond Empowement
  • Giratina (Pokémon); Via Griseous Orb
  • Pokémon with the skill "Swift Swim" (Pokémon); become faster in rain

Known Natural Occurrences

  • Full Moon (Various franchise); werewolves are at their strongest and most volatile state
  • Limbo (Charmed); expands magical powers and transcends laws of physics
  • The Nexus of the All (Charmed); maximizes all powers
  • The Nexus of the Halliwell Manor (Charmed); intensifies all magical powers
  • Yellow Sun (DC); grants Kryptonians and Daxamites supernatural powers
  • Natural elements (Various franchise); empowers someone with elemental powers

Known Artifacts

  • Humpty Lock (Shugo Chara); grants Amu Hinamori powers
  • Dumpty Key (Shugo Chara); grants Ikuto Tsukiyomi powers
  • Silver Crystal (Sailor Moon)
  • Emphyreal Sword (Charmed); strengthens whitelighters
  • Deadly Virus (Charmed); temporarily strengthens all magical creatures before killing them
  • Fairy blood (True Blood); vampires become resistant to fairy magic after drinking fairy blood
  • Serpens Clavem (Witches of East End); strengthens witches whilst corrupting them


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