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Access and Occlusion
HP spell
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) uses the unlocking charm on door

Power/Ability to:

Lock or Unlock anything

The power to toggle between a mechanical objects security system without the need of any type of key.

Also Called

  • Lock-picking


The user can lock or unlock anything and everything.


Door Locking

Latches, levers, knobs, handles, bolts, rigs, ropes, and many other items can be used as the method to lock a gate door or window, Access & Occlusion can activate or inactivate all of these items.

Security Locking

A high level user may be able to turn off security cameras or electronic sensory devices, or make them play over so that it appears to be working when in reality it is just playing back video or audio recording (like in the blockbuster movie Speed)


There are of course ways to mimic the powers of access and occlusion by using other powers to the same usage.


  • By using Telekinesis to push against the tumblers could let someone unlock a lock
  • With Enhanced Senses someone could listen to a lock being picked, much like a safe cracker. X-Ray Vision also aids the lock-picker, allowing them to see how the lock functions.
  • Using mind reading powers the user could learn numbers that allow them access to computerized locks.
  • Shapeshifting could let someone slip by locks genetic locks, like fingerprints or eye scanners.
  • Technopathy would allow people to bypass electronic locks.
  • Amorphous Physiology could let the user shapeshift a part of their bodies (probably their finger) to be shaped into the same shape as the key that opens the door


  • With telekinetic powers one could make tumblers unable to work unless they or someone like them to open the door.
  • Users could slip a liquid (weather, ice, glass, or liquid metal) down the key hole and make the lock inaccessible.
  • Electrokinesis or Magnetokinesis would let the user magnetically lock a door.
  • With Technopathy lets the user make a computerized inaccessible to anyone, even the person with the proper code or genetic imprint.




  • Access & Occlusion is rarely a persons only power, so it is often used sparingly.
  • Often needs to be in contact or very close quarters with locking device

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