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Access and Occlusion

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Access and Occlusion
HP spell
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) using the "Unlocking Charm" to open a locked door.

Power/Ability to:

Lock or Unlock anything.

The ability to open and close any security system without the need of the key, pass code, etc. Advanced form of Lock-Picking.


The user can lock/unlock and/or activate/deactivate any/every device/system of security (latches, levers, knobs, handles, bolts, rigs, ropes, etc.) that can be used as the method to lock a gate, door or window.



  • Access & Occlusion is rarely a persons only power, so it is often used sparingly.
  • Often needs to be in contact or very close quarters with locking device
  • Some security systems/devices may be imbued with a counter-measure that prevents them from being unlocked.

Known Users

Known Objects


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