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"I couldn't think as slow as you if I tried..."
― Theodore Donald "Rat" Finch (The Core)

The power to process information at incredible speeds. Sub-power of Hypercognition.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Processing
  • Enhanced Thought Process
  • Super human Processing
  • Supercharged Brain Activity


The user can process information at incredible speeds, allowing them to analyze and come to conclusions at an unprecedented rate.




  • May be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information they have to process.

Known Users

  • Takeru Kusanagi (Anti-Magic Academy 35th Test Platoon); via Demons Heart
  • All Speed Force Conduits (DC Comics)
  • Super Man (DC Comics)
  • Kryptonians (DC Comics)
  • Captain America (Marvel Comics)
  • Quicksilver (Marvel Comics)
  • Thor Odinson (Marvel Comics); via Combat Reflexes
  • Silver Surfer (Marvel Comics)
  • XLR8 (Ben 10)
  • Barlida (A.R. Hicks Series)

Known Objects

  • Atanik Armband (Stargate Sg-1)

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