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Accelerated Probability
Santiago (Heroes) using his ability to see the probable outcomes of his possible paths of play.

Power/Ability to:

predict the outcomes/choices one should make

The power to predict the outcomes of and what choices one should make. A sub-power of Probability Manipulation, variation of Precognition and Parachronal Cognition.

Also Called

  • Accelerated Chances/Possibilities/Situations
  • Advanced Macro Probability
  • Advanced Macro Probability Factor
  • AMP Factor
  • Event Prediction
  • Likelyhood Acceleration
  • Outcome Prediction
  • Possibility Acceleration
  • Probability Sense
  • Variables Examination & Determination


The user can sense all the variables of any situation, predict the outcomes and what choices one should make to reach the conclusion they want. When utilizing this ability, they sense paths projected in front of them, illuminating possible courses of action, they can then foresee the best tactic, and accelerate themselves along that path.



  • Cannot predict an outcome that has a 0% chance of happening for themselves.
  • Even after predicting how to achieve wanted outcome, user only has limited number of changes to get it right.

Known Users


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