The ability to manipulate anything that stores things away. Opposite to Anti Storage.

Also Called

  • Infinite Arsenal/Repository/Storage
  • Repository Manipulation
  • Storage Manipulation
  • Unlimited Spatial Manipulation


The user can manipulate everything that has something to do with storing, imprisoning, binding, sealing, etc. anything or anyone without any limitations of time, amount or mass.




  • May be overwhelmed by the supplies, objects, things or persons being kept or stored using the power.
  • May have the tendency to summon a wrong person or anything the user wants to use to battle for defense and offense purposes.

Known Users

  • Bolt Crank (Eat-Man)
  • God (Religion); via Heaven
  • Lucifer/Satan (Religion); via Hell
  • HolyAngemon/MagnaAngemon (Digimon Series); via Heaven's Gate
  • Miroku (InuYasha); via his Wind Tunnel (Kazaana) [until the death of the demon Naraku]
  • Hades (Greek Mythology)
  • Kou (Spirit Migration)
  • Supreme God Z (Super Robot Wars)
  • Watatsuki no Toyohime (Touhou)
  • Koon Aguero Agnis (Tower of God); via Manbarondenna
  • Elder God Demonbane (Demonbane); via Shining Trapezohedron

Known Objects

  • SCP-001/Qntm's Version (SCP Foundation)