The power to possess limitless physical energy, stamina and vitality and never tire. Sub-power of Absolute Condition. The highest form of Enhanced Stamina.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Endless/Infinite/Limitless/Perfect/Ultimate/Unlimited Vitality
  • Endless/Infinite/Limitless/Perfect/Ultimate/Unlimited Stamina
  • The Indefatigable
  • Tireless Body


The user possesses limitless physical energy, stamina and vitality, is essentially untiring and can keep working, fighting, mowing, etc. at optimal efficiency under any circumstances and for an unlimited duration due to the fact that their stamina can precedingly regenerate.





  • Though the user's level of stamina is limitless, they can still take damage and can be killed if their body takes enough damage.

Known Users

  • Lliira (AD&D)
  • Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats)
  • Homunculi (Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of Dusk)
  • The Shaggy Man (DC Comics)
  • Android 17 (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Android 16 (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Kid Buu (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Majin Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Super Buu (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Constructs (Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Undead (Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Laocorn Gaudeamus (Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture); via the complete Armor of Mars
  • Helm (Forgotten Realms)
  • Kratos (God of War)
  • Bellcross (Heroic Age)
  • Butterball (Marvel Comics)
  • Juggernaut (Marvel Comics)
  • Hulk (Marvel Comics)
  • Thor Odinson (Marvel Comics)
  • Madcap (Marvel Comics)
  • Man-Thing (Marvel Comics)
  • Thanos (Marvel Comics)
  • The Champion (Marvel Comics)
  • The Grandmaster (Marvel Comics)
  • Sandman (Marvel Comics)
  • Sakamaki Izayoi (Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren't They?)
  • Dr. Manhattan (DC Comics)
  • Saint of Killers (Vertigo Comics)
  • BLU Pyrogun (TF2 Freak)
  • Bluster Blaster Sentries (TF2 Freak)
  • Bomb Bears (TF2 Freak)
  • Commander Bot (TF2 Freak)
  • Cremapyro (TF2 Freak)
  • CyborPyro (TF2 Freak)
  • Deed Goy (TF2 Freak)
  • Pyrogun (TF2 Freak)
  • Undead Stoner Scouts (TF2 Freak)
  • Ustanak (Resident Evil 6)
  • Minions of Set (Samurai Jack)
  • The Rowdyruff Boys (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • SCP-2317 - The Scarlet King (SCP Foundation)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Alex Mercer (Prototype Series)
  • James Heller (Prototype 2)
  • Negi Springfield (UQ Holder)
  • The Ginosaji (The Horribly Slow Murderer With The Extremely inefficient Weapon)