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"Invincibility is a matter of defense, vulnerability is a matter of attack"
Sun Tzu

The power to possess a defense that cannot be breached by any attack. Sub-Power of Absolute Condition. Opposite to Absolute Attack.

Also Called

  • Complete Defense
  • Impenetrable Defense
  • Invincible Defense
  • Iron Wall Defense
  • Perfect Defense
  • Ultimate Defense


The user possesses defense that cannot be breached by any attack, giving them protection from all attacks, regardless of types, magnitude and directions by bending or creating matter.



  • Defense may require user to actively maintain at all times.
  • Passive-type defenses may prevent oneself from receiving any desired attacks.
  • Over-reliance on defense can cause user to become physically weak.
  • Certain types of defenses may be bypassed or pierced despite the "absolute", based on weaknesses.
  • May require user to remain stationary in order for defense to withstand.
  • User might only be able to resist most of an Absolute Attack.
  • May require the user to be in a state of equanimity.
  • May only be usable a certain amount of times before the user collapses or must rest.
  • Use of Absolute defense may prohibit the user from inflicting attacks(creating solids).
  • May only be usable with a certain material or element.

Known Users


Video Games

  • Ight (Breath of Fire IV)
  • Shirou Emiya (Fate/stay night)
  • EMIYA (Fate/stay night)
  • No Name (Fate/Extra)
  • Saber (Fate/Stay Night)
  • Iron Clefts (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
  • The Protagonist (Persona 3); via Infinity Fusion Spell
  • Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4 Golden); via Shield of Justice
  • Faeries (TYPE-MOON)
  • Aegis (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Prydwen (Valkyrie Crusade)

Known Objects


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