The power to make anything move at a constant speed regardless of any force that acts on it. Sub-power of Velocity Manipulation and Inertia Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Equal Speed
  • Unstoppable Object Creation


User can make anything move at a constant speed regardless of any force that acts on it, they could take any item and make them pierce through objects regardless of the relative speed. It doesn't matter if the target is moving at an extremely slow pace or if the target isn't even moving at all, so long as some part of them is physically moved, like poking their cheek (moving the face). This power only works in accordance to the user's own relative location, meaning that even though the Earth is spinning at high speeds, along with all of its inhabitants, it doesn't count as moving.

If the user cancels their power on the target object, it will come to a complete stop, regardless of how fast it was going. Because of this using this power on oncoming attacks and quickly canceling it will make any force halt.




  • Weak users may need to have physical contact or to be close to the target object.
  • Target objects will stop if destroyed.
  • Can only be used on target objects already in motion.
  • Weak users may activate it on accident.
  • Weak users may not be able to stop the target object.

Known Users

  • SCP-018 - Super Ball (SCP Foundation)
  • Random bank robber (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
  • Ballistic (Worm the web serial novel)
  • Silver Surfer (Marvel comics)
  • Burndy World (One Piece)