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The power to possess absolute physical and mental condition. Sub-power of Perfection. Ultimate form of Enhanced Condition.

Also Called

  • Absolute Form
  • Absolute Physical Condition
  • Absolute Physiology
  • Godlike Condition
  • Physical Perfection
  • Ultimate Condition


User has supreme mental and physical condition. Their strength, speed, durability, and intellect are vastly superior to that of all other members of their species, even those with Supernatural Condition. Their other abilities, if applicable, are often at Absolute level.



  • Peak Human Condition - User is at the highest un-augmented condition that a human can reach.
  • Enhanced Condition - User's condition may be augmented, but not to supernatural levels.
  • Supernatural Condition - User is blatantly more powerful than other members of their species.
  • Absolute Condition - The ultimate type, the user has no limits to physical strength, speed, stamina, etc.



Known Users

  • Asura (Asura's Wrath)
  • Superman Prime One Million (DC One Million)
  • Kratos (God Of War Series)
  • Bellcross (Heroic Age); when Frenzied
  • Rune King Thor (Marvel Comics)
  • Celestials (Marvel Comics)
  • Jean Grey/Phoenix (Marvel Comics)
  • Hiruko (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Fei Fong Wong (Xenogears); as the Perfect Contact
  • Cosmic Armor Superman (DC Comics)
  • Dr. Manhattan (DC Comics)
  • Celestialsapiens (Ben 10 franchise)
  • Alien X (Ben 10)

Known Objects

  • Starbrand (Marvel Comics)


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