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The power to see in all directions at once. Variation of Enhanced Vision

Also CalledEdit

  • Omnidirectional Vision
  • Panoramic Vision


The user is able to see in all directions at once.


  • Expanded View: User has vastly expanded field of view, but not enough to give them ability to see behind themselves.
    • 270-degree view.



  • Users may have a minor "blind spot".
  • Some users may not be able to use their ability in the dark.
  • User can be blinded by bright light from any direction.
  • Users can get overwhelmed by sensory information.

Known UsersEdit

  • Byakugan Users (Naruto)
  • Anyone in Z-Space (Animorphs)
  • Viola (One Piece)
  • Eye Guy (Ben 10)
  • Opticoids (Ben 10)
  • Andalites (Animorphs)
  • Ten-Eyed Man (DC Comics)
  • The Buzz (Marvel Comics/MC2)
  • Carnage (Marvel Comics)
  • Stinkfly (Ben 10)
  • Lepidopterrans (Ben 10)
  • Ghostfreak (Ben 10)
  • Skilosh Demons (Angel)
  • Medusa (Dota 2)
  • Hecate (Greek Mythology)
  • Alastor Moody (Harry Potter)
  • Bartemius Crouch Jr. (Harry Potter)
  • Doctor Weird (Real Heroes)
  • Gibbering Beasts (Dungeons and Dragons)
  • Daleks (Doctor Who)
  • Yanma - Yanmega (Pokemon)
  • Claydol (Pokémon)
  • Guiron (Gamera vs Guiron)
  • Prince Of Void (Homestuck)
  • Guiron (Gamera vs Guiron)
  • Kei Kuruma (Project Arms)
  • Morbulus (Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron)
  • Singetail (How to Train your Dragon)

Known Items Edit

  • Helmet of Jong (Xiaolin Showdown)


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